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Special Equipment

Internal Pipe Blasting

Hollo-Blast cleans the full 360 degree inside diameter of pipe to white metal finish. It operates without need of rotating the pipe or the tool. deposits such as rust, carbon millscale, coke and paint are easily removed. The Hollo-Blast will accommodate pipes from 2 inch to 12 inch I.D. and lengths up to 40 feet. Any abrasive (except aluminum oxide or silicon carbide) 20 mesh or finer may be used. In operation, the proper model is attached to a pipe lance and connected to the blast hose. The Hollo-Blast is inserted into the pipe, the blast machine is started and the Hollo-Blast is manually pushed through the pipe. Abrasive hits the tungsten carbide deflector tip and fans out to clean the 360 degree interior. Air will blow spent abrasive and contaminants out of the pipe. The rate of cleaning depends on deposits being removed. Hollo-Blast is available with 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch nozzles. Standard HB-1 delivered with 1/2 inch nozzle. Air consumption, 1/2 inch 200 CFM, 5/8 inch 350 CFM..

Internal Pipe Coating

. Efficiently handles wide range of coatings
. Applies uniform layer at remarkable speed
. No need to rotate the pipe or tubing
. Unique gun assembly ensures precise control
. Air-controlled centering carriage legs easily adjust for gradual pipe bends

Simple Solution for Industrial Coating Challenges
The Internal Pipe Coatings provides an innovative and efficient solution to the difficult job of applying paint to the inside of pipe, conduit, tubing or other cylindrical structures. With the Orbiter, you can apply a uniform layer of paint at remarkable speed..

Wetblast Injector System

Wetblast Injector System adds the dust-suppressing power of water to any pressure blast machine. The Wetblast injects a small amount of water into the high-velocity abrasive/air stream just before the nozzle.

This hard-hitting mixture of water and abrasive cleans and keeps dust levels under control.

The Wetblast System introduces water into the abrasive/air stream before it passes through the nozzle orifice. This results in a complete wetting of each abrasive particle, unlike with water ring systems. The Wetblast controls airborne dust far better than water ring systems..

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